Orbit Boy is excited about the tremendous potential of microsatellites to provide global connectivity, remote sensing, security, and other new, visionary capabilities that benefits our whole planet. Microsatellites are doing more in shorter timelines, and at lower costs. We developed this air launch system to complement transformational movement — to get microsatellites to orbit quickly, reliably and on-demand.
Designed with these guiding principles and based on the space proven technology Orbit Boy air launch system provides freedom from the constraints of complicated and expensive ground infrastructures. We believe launching your microsatellite should be hassle-free which we facilitate with our streamlined processes and bespoke customer service. We even have an app for this.


Historically, microsatellite operators had little to no control over their launch schedules, and often never got an opportunity to launch at all. With only 104 flights to space in all of 2020, it’s clear that rideshares alone aren’t enough to provide the level of service and flexibility microsatellites demand.
Orbit Boy is here to offer the first ever on-demand space transportation for microsatellites. We will pick up your payload, integrate it with the Boy Launcher using our mobile spaceport platform, launching it to space in 24 hours. With Orbit Boy, next day space launches will become as common as flights from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
Dedicated Service
For way too long launch operators haven't treated microsatellite customers like they deserved. With Orbit Boy, you’ll receive top-class service at a competitive price and you can take full control of your own satellite’s successful launch.
Responsive Launch
The uniqueness of our mobile spaceport platform is that we can fly it wherever it’s needed to pick up and integrate with the customer's payload, launching it from a local airport in 24 hours.
Air Launch Performance
The Orbit Boy air launch system can easily reach any orbital inclination, giving you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to optimizing your mission. We’ll drop your satellite off and launch it exactly to your designated orbit, saving your time and money.

Founding Team

Orbit Boy was co-founded by the team of three former Chairmen of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, who together were responsible for more than 150 successful rocket launches during the last 3 decades.
Yurii Alekseev
Hero of Ukraine, former Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine who successfully implemented Zenit Sea Launch and Land Launch projects.

Lyubomyr Sabadosh
Former Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine. Under his leadership Soyuz, Proton and Zenit vehicles were successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Volodymyr Usov
NewSpace entrepreneur, member of the International Academy of Astronautics, former Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, signatory of Artemis Accords.

Board Members

Our board members unite engineering expertise, deep experience and industry knowledge with passion and motivation.
Giangrande Barresi
PhD in Physics, member of the International Academy of Astronautics, designer of satellite systems, Mission Manager and Launch Director at NASA.
Dale Tietz
Pentagon Star Wars Program Manager, U.S. Air Force pilot, Strategic Defense Initiative program Director, business developer and technology pioneer with over 40 years of aerospace experience.
Tom Young
Venture Capitalist with over 20 years of experience who specializes in private asset procurement, corporate services, financing programs for numerous companies across a diverse range of industries including technology, mining, oil and gas, and industrial companies on the ASX.