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Orbit Boy and Dnipro Design Institute started a collaboration to develop space launch infrastructure in Comiso

Orbit Boy in collaboration with Dnipro Design Institute are designing new Comiso Air Base ground facilities to enable Air Launch capabilities for Orbit Boy solid fuel rockets from the territory of Italy. 

Orbit Boy ground facilities to be located in Comiso, Italy will consist of:
  1. A parking apron for IL-76 aircraft carrier
  2. A station for filling Orbit Boy Launcher with working fluids and gases
  3. Stationary assembly and testing facility for payload integration
  4. Mission Control Centre.

Comiso Air Base

"We are extremely happy for the collaboration with Dnipro Design Institute. With their unique expertise in designing space infrastructure, Institute team have been very helpful in guiding us through the complicated process of ground facilities preliminary design analysis ", said Lyubomyr Sabadosh, President of Orbit Boy.  

Dnipro Design Institute
Dnipro Design Institute participated in implementation of the most important rocket and space programs of the former Soviet Union. More than 250 facilities in more than 60 cities all over the world were designed, including a test bench for the “Energia - Buran” space program. 

Comiso Air Base
Comiso Airport "Pio La Torre", also known as Vincenzo Magliocco Airport, is located in the Sicilian town of Comiso in the Ragusa province. The airport serves Comiso (5 km/3 miles from it), Ragusa (15 km/9.3 miles from it), Vittoria and Gela. It changed from military to civil use during 2005–2008. The airport was opened to commercial and general aviation 30 May 2013.