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Orbit Boy announces agreement with microsatellite developer CreoTech

Orbit Boy Ltd, a U.K. incorporated aerospace company that plans to offer next day space launches based on its unique air-launch capabilities today announced a preliminary launch services agreement with the microsatellite developer CreoTech (Poland).

The preliminary agreement was formally signed in August 2021 and is focused on a launch and delivery of microsatellites to its low-Earth orbit destination aboard a Boy Launcher.

"Allowing to conduct science in orbit, energizes and encourages a new generation of space businesses and institutions in Poland and in Central Europe," said CreoTech Chief Business Officer Prof. Grzegorz Brona.  

The CreoTech satellite could host a series of scientific experiments from across a consortium of top polish universities and space organizations.

"It will be the first in a series of hopefully many satellites that will be launched in cooperation with CreoTech," said Orbit Boy President Lyubomyr Sabadosh. 

"We are extremely happy for the collaboration with Orbit Boy. We are still looking for new opportunities for our small satellites to be launched on board of a European rocket. The agreement that was signed paves a way to the next steps that hopefully will lead us together with Orbit Boy to space” finalized Prof. Grzegorz Brona.  

About CreoTech S. A.
CreoTech S.A. is the fastest growing Polish company operating in the space sector. The company participated in a number of space projects carried out on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA), joined by Poland in 2012.
Creotech has built and equipped a spacecraft assembly clean room meeting the rigorous ESA standards for spacecraft components assembly – elements and modules of satellites and ISS.